Tech giants Microsoft and Amazon have been campaigning for the rights of employees all around the world for a significant period of time, setting the bar when it comes to how they treat their own staff and fighting for other companies to rise to their high standard. The mantra that a successful business should reward the hard work of its employees is one that isn’t followed by a lot of successful businesses and it really is sad to see, a company is nothing without the effort put in by its employees so the fact that some high-class businesses are lacking when it comes to staff treatment is an outdated concept that should have been stopped years ago. Companies like kyshrm – tech in employment background check and Google – search engine giant, are other great examples of tech firms that have worked in favor of employers rights, paving the way for other firms to follow suit.


Particularly within the tech industry, the innovative designs and manufacturing labor that comes from a companies workforce is crucial to the smooth running of the business. Without the teamwork that is displayed by tech firms like Amazon and Microsoft they wouldn’t be the big household names they are today, it is important that morale is kept at a high to ensure effective work is done. Especially with manual workforce employees, the rights of the worker are often overlooked but in the modern era we live in this can simply no longer be the case.



One of the most notable achievements that Microsoft has achieved in favor of its employees would have to be its charity work, Microsoft allows its employees to make personal donations to charities chosen by the workforce. Instead of donating their own money, Microsoft makes the donation based on the hours an employee works as well as matching any extra donations an employee wishes to make. The fact that Microsoft has put so much effort into not only encouraging charity work but also allowing its employees to work towards making donations to charities that are personal to them shows just how much the company cares about its employees on a personal level.



Amazon has also been commended on the way it looks after its employees, offering a desirable wage and opportunities for promotions to all of its staff. Priding itself on being an equal opportunities firm and ensuring that each and every member of staff is treated correctly. Amazon has been commended on its work ethic and being an inclusive company when it comes to the treatment of staff, without companies like Amazon setting an example when it comes to employee rights we wouldn’t have seen the vast improvements in this area in many other firms that would previously not be meeting the standard we have come to expect. For a company as big and successful as Amazon to not treat their workforce fairly shouldn’t be acceptable, so why do we still see it so often within many mainstream businesses.

Last modified: 10/29/2020



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