So, you’re in the middle of your mechanical engineering degree, or maybe you’re just looking for a change in careers. Regardless of your reason, there is a reason so many people have decided to take up mechanical engineering. An impressive trade to work in, mechanical engineering combines knowledge of electrical work with the more theoretical science of physics to craft any number of impressive mechanics, from massive warships to the smallest, most precise robot on a production line. There’s no limit to where mechanical engineering can take you. Here is a list of excellent careers to take your mechanical engineering to the next level.

The Navy

Maybe overlooked, an excellent career for all you budding mechanical engineers can be found in the Navy. Whether you’re wanting to work on a larger or smaller scale, you’ll be sure to find the right job for you. From ensuring navigational systems are operational to helping construct the ship itself, if you’re wanting to become a successful mechanical engineer in the Nav, it’s probably wise for you to learn more about MIG welding. A key weapon in any mechanical engineer’s arsenal, it is a priceless skill to learn and will ensure your adaptability and subsequent success naval engineering. Plus, an added bonus, the longer you work for the navy, the larger your paycheck will become!

Auto Repairs

Probably more of an expected choice, but that doesn’t devalue it in the slightest. Considering how many cars and other vehicles there are out on the road, there’d certainly be no shortage in business if you were to take up a career in auto repairs. You’ll be able to utilise all of the mechanical engineering skills you’ve learnt and with enough practice and hard work, you could end up making a hefty profit. After getting enough experience in the trade, you could even take the next step up and start your own auto repair business!

Factory Manufacturing

Most factories nowadays have moved on from entirely human production lines in favour of automated machines. More precise and able to work endless hours, its understandable why companies are able to make such a profit by handing over production responsibilities to machines. Luckily for you, as reliable as a machine can be, it’s inevitable that machines will eventually need repairs or upgrades – and that’s where you’ll come in. There are plenty of companies in need of an engineer to make sure their machines are in the best condition and are able to keep churning out products.

Last modified: 04/14/2020



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