The tech industry is undoubtedly one of the most profitable industries in Canada, with Toronto’s tech scene being particularly hot. Back in 2017, the city created more jobs in tech than Seattle, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay area combined. This is surprising as all three of these cities are renowned for their tech scenes. According to Bloomberg News, over 25,000 new tech jobs were created in Toronto over the year, a massive increase from last year. There are a number of reasons for Canada’s success in the tech market, with the biggest reason being government incentives for investment and innovation, and a large safety net in regard to insurance for tech start-ups. Small business insurance is so important because most successful tech companies begin as start-ups with relatively high risk. It is this combination of investment and insurance however that has made the industry so successful, with many high paid careers available. Here are the 7 top ones.

Software Engineering Manager – $163,500

A software engineering manager can earn an average of $163,500 due to their technical and leadership skills. Their main task is assembling a competent team of software engineers that can work efficiently and quickly to create or work on a software product. They need to be creative, fair and above all technically proficient to oversee such projects, and this is why they earn so much money. The main issues that software engineer managers have to ensure are avoided are insufficient end-user involvement, unrealistic or miscalculated project goals, poor communication between developers and project managers, poor reporting of a project’s status, use of outdated technology, poor development practices, badly defined system specifications and poorly managed risks.

Data Warehouse Architect – $154,000

Perhaps not the most exciting job on this list, a data warehouse architect earns an average of $154,000 by overseeing enormous troves of data for their company to analyze.  They are responsible for working with various data warehouse technologies and designing warehouse solutions with the end goal of developing plans that best support businesses technologically. While the job sounds simple, you need at minimum a bachelors degree in computing science or a related field in which the course covered programming, data management, systems analysis, big data developments and technology architecture.

Software Development Manager – $153,300

Software development managers earn just less than data warehouse architects with an average salary of $153,300.  Their job is to lead the team responsible for the development and testing of the company’s different applications. This will allow the company to see what will work and what won’t.
They lead teams of developers in industries ranging from anything from finance and manufacturing to the environment and medical research. They are also in charge of hiring, training, and eventually managing staff, along with taking charge of reports to senior management and management of financial constraints.

Infrastructure Architect – $153,000

Earning virtually the same amount as software development managers, infrastructure architects make roughly $153,000 on average. They are mainly in charge of a companies IT systems, meaning they oversee the running of servers, cloud computing platforms and data centers. This also includes designing security technologies and overseeing their implementation. They also oversee communication between different team members in regard to software and network projects as to ensure maximum efficiency.

Applications Architect – $149,000

With a comfortable $149,000 average wage, the applications is the strategist for a company when it comes to launching products and apps. They are in charge of deciding when to use existing tools and when to try new ones, what kind of tools need to be developed considering the application, and sometimes they are involved in the development of such tools in rare cases. Often tools will be in the prototype stage and it is the applications architect who decides whether to proceed and how to do so if the tool is in this phase. They can largely be seen as the lead technical manager for a companies programming team, and they are always specialized in the type of application being produced along with the technology involved.

Software Architect – $145,400

A software architect earns an average of $145,400. They are in charge of planning and strategizing the company’s software. While you would, of course, need to be relatively technical for this role, it is more about setting goals for individual software developers and individual software teams. They are kind of like a director on a film set, rather than writing the script, acting, or filming the scenes they direct everyone else. Rather than writing the software’s code or the tools used to develop it, a software architect directs everyone else as to ensure the finished product is up to standard.

Development and Operations Engineer – $137,400

A development and operations engineer (or DevOps for short) is a person that can get a lot of code developed very fast. This primarily involves working with the companies IT staff to develop and oversee code releases. They are usually sysadmins who are interested in scripting and coding along with being able to move into development as to improve the way their code is tested and deployed. Sometimes however they are just developers who are also passionate about deployment operations.

Last modified: 09/18/2020



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