Our Top Picks for Electronic Engineering YouTube Channels
Our Top Picks for Electronic Engineering YouTube Channels

YouTube has a channel to cater to any interest or hobby and a side of YouTube that not everyone is familiar with is electronic engineering. This is a small niche hidden among the more popular videos on YouTube and offers a lot of education and entertaining content, here are our top picks for Electronic Engineering channels that you need to see.



This channel has been around since the very start of YouTube and still consistently uploads at least once a week. This channel is great to watch as you can tell that the content creator is really having fun making the videos. His videos include fixing electronic devices and really getting into all of the internal components with deconstruction. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole with this channel and you’ll find yourself learning while also having a really enjoyable time.  What is good about ElectroBOOM is that he doesn’t just cover basic electronics like phones and laptops, he talks about a lot of old and new technology.



SparkFun Electronics

This channel is slightly more obscure and they advertise themselves as a bunch of geeks having fun. You can tell that these guys really know their stuff so if you aren’t too familiar with the terminology, you might find yourself slightly confused.  They talk a lot about electronic theory and really focus on the scientific elements rather than the aesthetic qualities of the tech. They also focus a lot on individual components so it’s a good channel to look at if you are contemplating buying parts for any of your tech. They have a few fun series too where they challenge their knowledge so it’s not all just educational and you can sit back and laugh at this channel.




This is a surprisingly big channel and you can tell why, these guys don’t do things in half measures. This channel does not focus entirely on technology anymore, though if you look at their older videos you will see a catalogue of electronic investigation. These days they do big scale activities such as looking at how rockets are made. This channel does follow some of the more gimmicky trends on YouTube and it’s easy to understand why. Electronic channels aren’t too popular so following a lot of these trends is an easy way to get growth. However, if they wanted to grow their channel without compromising any of their content they could always buy some views to get them boosted onto the main page. Buying views on YouTube is super easy and would be a great way to get your channel out there.



This is a fantastic channel because of its low budget charm. This is a reasonably popular channel but they continue to stay down to earth and clearly love what they do. They review existing electronics and also build their own fun gadgets out of whatever equipment they can find. This is what really makes the channel fun to watch as you are just watching someone having fun and figuring out what they can do with what they have