Staying In Touch With Tech: How to Navigate Social Media
Staying In Touch With Tech: How to Navigate Social Media

The internet is bigger than ever and growing exponentially every day, with new business ventures or funny ideas being had and regurgitated straight onto the net constantly. It is completely impossible for anyone human being to keep up with this oppressive tide of information to the point where it is almost disheartening to the layman.

Even just the world of social media is fluid and ever-changing, with new social media platforms rising and falling every day. It still seems like only yesterday when MySpace and Bebo were on top, and soon enough we will only remember TikTok and Snapchat with faint memories. This can be a lot if you aren’t 14 years old, so here’s a quick guide to help you navigate this social swamp of apps.


Luckily, with social media being aimed at younger and younger markets by the day, most new and updated apps have extremely easy to look at and easy to use interfaces to help you navigate your way around and get the most out of the app. Unluckily, a lot of these apps use their own, oft-confusing systems to organise the same functions.

For example, SnapChat will give you a lot of detailed information about your relationship with certain people based on your communication activity through the app. This is some fun info to have, it’s just a shame that they use their own trademarked hieroglyphics to get this information across to you!

Learn the Language

My number one tip for navigating any social media platform is to spend a few minutes discovering and deciphering what each of their icons mean. Younger brains recognise and absorb language-based information much, much faster than older members of our species, so if you’re an adult you may want to head to google and find out what all the icons on a certain platform actually mean.

For example, I had to spend a little time to learn about Snapchat emoji meanings while I was using the app a lot as about 75% of the interface is never explained to you, you are simply dropped in with the assumption you know what’s going on. Very strange considering the trend of mobile video games having oppressive hand-holding for the first 5 hours of gameplay.


One thing to keep in mind while dabbling in social media is that almost everything has some sort of link to Twitter and the great Facebook Empire. If you are looking to gain a maximum following or simply explore all the different sharing options you have available to you, you should make sure you have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

These three especially are found integrated with everything from live-streaming platforms to funeral home chat rooms, so having them on hand will always be a boon to you. These accounts can also often be used to log in to other sites without having to create a username/password or even confirming your email address!

Don’t Get Sucked in!

One of the easiest but most dangerous things you can do while exploring the endless dungeons of social media is to get too involved. I myself, as a product of a generation growing up at the same time and speed as the early internet, had this issue in my mid-teens and it is not something you want to be part of.

If you ever catch yourself staring at your Facebook feed and scrolling without actually reading anything or you realise that you only speak to your friends online and never in person, you should try to take a break and limit yourself from online interaction.


Social media is brilliant in connecting people who live thousands of miles away from each other and can help our already social species to expand its horizons and feel close to anyone on the entire planet. A great game that’s been sweeping social media and helping people to connect is called “the never have I ever game”, and you can learn about the never have I ever game here. Games like this really help to bridge the gap that exists between the traditionally physical social interactions we are used to, and the kind of interactions that happen through social media.

With all these tips in mind, you should be able to get yourself chatting with old school friends and hanging out in Warhammer forums in no time. Just remember to stay safe and never give out your real address!…