The Best Jobs for Electronic Engineers
The Best Jobs for Electronic Engineers

Electronic engineering is a common qualification to have however, as this is also a very versatile career route it can be hard to decide where to go in terms of your employment. An obvious statement would be to go down the route of electrician but this can also be a very wide spectrum of  a career choice. My advice would be to take advantage of the many resources that

are available to you like careers advice officers or apprenticeship help desks that can be found in local job centres or your college or sixth form to offer helpful advice when you come to decide on your career path.

Failing this I have some examples of jobs that would be great for someone in electronic engineering.

Designer – working in electronic design allows potential employees to have the opportunity to work behind the scenes of their craft by looking at how and why certain electronic appliances are designed and created. They also have a strong influence in the real life world with opportunities to have a design input in everyday instances like traffic lights, street lights and some workers in the field could even go on to work for the national grid.

Manufacturer – Another career option could be within the manufacturing market, this extremely rewarding career path allows potential candidates to work in the production of all kinds of things such as electrical appliances that could be found in the everyday person’s life. This job may be suited to those that may want to avoid a more creative career path such as design work. This job would entail the mass creation of electrical appliances following a standard design and looking at factors such as quality control and meeting tight production deadlines maybe to meet an order for a high profile client.…