A Guide Electronic & Automotive Engineering Careers.
A Guide Electronic & Automotive Engineering Careers.

Working in electronic and automotive engineering careers can be difficult to get into without the relevant information. There are many routes that you could go down to achieve this profession but it can be hard to decide what would be best for you and your lifestyle.


Many people decide to go down the hands on approach, with many schemes offering a variety of options to begin your training. As there are many different aspects to this career area you will need to think about what it is you actually want to do. Some great examples of jobs you can do within this industry are:


  • Mechanic
  • On site engineer
  • Garage manager
  • Designer
  • Sales
  • Reviewing parts


I would say that getting some preliminary information is a great way to look into this career. Some of you may choose to visit green-4-u to get a feel for what it would be like working in the automotive field and begin researching in preparation for your new venture.


Although there is a lot of preparation and stress involved in finding out which job suits you the best, you do need to remember the importance of doing something that you enjoy, my advice would be to take the time to look at what jobs are available to you. There’s no rush to do this and at the end of the day this is a life changing decision.


Electric and automotive engineering careers are readily available, with the proper consideration as to what would be the correct role for you and of course should you be lucky enough to have skill and qualifications under your belt you could have a very successful career. However for those of you without qualifications do not worry, there are a range of options available to you to get yourself into the role.

New Drone Technology Will Allow Company to Plant 500 Billion Trees by 2060
New Drone Technology Will Allow Company to Plant 500 Billion Trees by 2060

The world is a beautiful creature, its plants and animals all compliment this unique and wonderful planet, but over the years we, as humans, have used so many resources to benefit us as necessities.

The people over at Dendra (a company based in the UK) has a goal to plan over 500 billion trees. This massive feat will be achieved, hopefully, by 2060, which is wonderful but more work for those in the tree cutting. So that the tree trimming in Texas and other states will continue.

‘How are they going to do this?’ you might ask. With Drones! The tech in 2020 is absolutely astounding, especially drones, from delivering amazon packages to closing airports they have so many benefits. The way that these lucrative people intend to re-forest the world is that they will equip these flying robots with seeds, and they will float, and plant 120 seed pots a minute. When we do the math that is 2 trees tree per second! Wow!

Before we leave the Math for now it was found that it would take 400 teams of duos with just under a dozen drones, this would mean that 10 billion trees could be planted per year. Another benefit, it’s cheap! Far cheaper than it would be by hand. Another benefit of flying machines is that there are areas that are much more difficult to get to by foot then by mechanics meaning that the robots beat out humans once again.

Now let’s have a closer look at how the process is going to work. Using satellites and images, the people over at Dendra have found the most destitute former-forests, and with the specialized seedpod (within being a seed and nutrients) they will shoot, with an air pressured push, into the ground. They then grow with the catalyst of water being sprayed upon the sod.

Back to the Math, sorry. With this double whammy of speed and accuracy it can restore any green area 150 times quicker than just manpower, and as a stated earlier 10 times cheaper.

This is a game-changer in the environmental work, and will very much benefit the whole earth, without a doubt. Yet as the earth carries on revolving higher levels of tech has to be created to satisfy the modern needs.

We lose 27 football fields every minute, so the fact that we can refill those with the speed in which it now can be done. 80% of people in the United Kingdom are slightly or very worried at the course that we are taking in terms of what is happening to trees, so a solution is very much welcomed.

With the age of environmentalists getting younger every day, like Greta Thunberg, it is the time now to act, as if we wait to long, and everything keeps depleting then it will take much more than drones and Dendra to reverse the damage that we have done.

Our Top Picks for Electronic Engineering YouTube Channels
Our Top Picks for Electronic Engineering YouTube Channels

YouTube has a channel to cater to any interest or hobby and a side of YouTube that not everyone is familiar with is electronic engineering. This is a small niche hidden among the more popular videos on YouTube and offers a lot of education and entertaining content, here are our top picks for Electronic Engineering channels that you need to see.



This channel has been around since the very start of YouTube and still consistently uploads at least once a week. This channel is great to watch as you can tell that the content creator is really having fun making the videos. His videos include fixing electronic devices and really getting into all of the internal components with deconstruction. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole with this channel and you’ll find yourself learning while also having a really enjoyable time.  What is good about ElectroBOOM is that he doesn’t just cover basic electronics like phones and laptops, he talks about a lot of old and new technology.



SparkFun Electronics

This channel is slightly more obscure and they advertise themselves as a bunch of geeks having fun. You can tell that these guys really know their stuff so if you aren’t too familiar with the terminology, you might find yourself slightly confused.  They talk a lot about electronic theory and really focus on the scientific elements rather than the aesthetic qualities of the tech. They also focus a lot on individual components so it’s a good channel to look at if you are contemplating buying parts for any of your tech. They have a few fun series too where they challenge their knowledge so it’s not all just educational and you can sit back and laugh at this channel.




This is a surprisingly big channel and you can tell why, these guys don’t do things in half measures. This channel does not focus entirely on technology anymore, though if you look at their older videos you will see a catalogue of electronic investigation. These days they do big scale activities such as looking at how rockets are made. This channel does follow some of the more gimmicky trends on YouTube and it’s easy to understand why. Electronic channels aren’t too popular so following a lot of these trends is an easy way to get growth. However, if they wanted to grow their channel without compromising any of their content they could always buy some views to get them boosted onto the main page. Buying views on YouTube is super easy  and would be a great way to get your channel out there.



This is a fantastic channel because of its low budget charm. This is a reasonably popular channel but they continue to stay down to earth and clearly love what they do. They review existing electronics and also build their own fun gadgets out of whatever equipment they can find. This is what really makes the channel fun to watch as you are just watching someone having fun and figuring out what they can do with what they have



The Best Jobs for Electronic Engineers
The Best Jobs for Electronic Engineers

Electronic engineering is a common qualification to have however, as this is also a very versatile career route it can be hard to decide where to go in terms of your employment. An obvious statement would be to go down the route of electrician but this can also be a very wide spectrum of  a career choice. My advice would be to take advantage of the many resources that

are available to you like careers advice officers or apprenticeship help desks that can be found in local job centres or your college or sixth form to offer helpful advice when you come to decide on your career path.

Failing this I have some examples of jobs that would be great for someone in electronic engineering.

Designer – working in electronic design allows potential employees to have the opportunity to work behind the scenes of their craft by looking at how and why certain electronic appliances are designed and created. They also have a strong influence in the real life world with opportunities to have a design input in everyday instances like traffic lights, street lights and some workers in the field could even go on to work for the national grid.

Manufacturer – Another career option could be within the manufacturing market, this extremely rewarding career path allows potential candidates to work in the production of all kinds of things such as electrical appliances that could be found in the everyday person’s life. This job may be suited to those that may want to avoid a more creative career path such as design work. This job would entail the mass creation of electrical appliances following a standard design and looking at factors such as quality control and meeting tight production deadlines maybe to meet an order for a high profile client.