With each passing generation, kids become more and more acquainted with the technology of the time. When I was a kid you were lucky to have a computer in the house but nowadays everyone has a supercomputer in their pockets. This generation, the digital natives, have grown up accustomed to the magical super tech since the day they were born and seem to be unable to live without it.

The question is, are kids becoming too dependent on their phones? Well obviously, it’s not as easy as yes or no, it’s impossible to generalize for an entire generation but there is a good portion of kids who are dependent on their phones.


Negatives of Phones

One main thing that s keeping kids hooked on their tech is the quick access it gives them to the world of social media. Kids, especially teenagers are incredibly susceptible to the addictive nature of social media. When you are young, anxieties can plague your everyday life. Do they hate me? Do they like my new outfit? Were they talking about me? And now, for better or worse, you can find that out quite easily. Post a pic of yourself and get instant responses liking the picture and commenting on how you look. This constant need for validation that anxiety-ridden teens are addicted to can be easily given into with social media which becomes an absolute landmine for people’s ego and self-worth in the future. Now I don’t think this is even the fault of then teens. If you had access to that when you were young you would definitely be using it. It’s on the companies for not better policing what age people are allowed onto their platforms and on the parents for not being more involved in the lives of their kids.


Positives of Phones

Phones are basically like having a calculator, dictionary, and a thesaurus in your pocket at the same time. Though they have issues they are a great method of learning new information. Whereas someone may have a fact they want to check they might be more inclined to do so and learn something new in the process if they can just look it up on their phone instead of saying going to the library and searching through piles of books to find the information they need. There are also positives to the social side. Being able to say in contact with their friends, especially in this incredibly turbulent time for social activities, is crucial for the development of children. It helps to stop them from becoming isolated and alone.


What to do About Phones

If you think that maybe your child is becoming too addicted to their phones there are plenty of things you can do to help that. Most modern technologies have child lock options that limit the amount of screen time they have. You can fully customize and give them more or less time if you think they deserve it. If you have a son who’s just started school for example you might be wondering what to get him. A phone might be something that comes to mind as an option. But maybe consider what the besten geschenke für jungen zur einschulung actually are. You might be able to get something a little better for someone in that age group.

Overall, phones can be incredibly addictive, but they have plenty of incredibly useful qualities as well. Like everything it is totally manageable with the right amount of knowledge on the topic and reasonable moderation. Find the balance that’s best for your kid.

Last modified: 04/22/2021



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