We as humans strive for games, both board and video, that challenge us. That forces our brains to calculate, collate and rearrange letters, numbers, and blocks of colors. Scrabble is just one of the popular games that are accessible to all ages, but the trick comes with age. The older or more affluent or dictionary-minded someone is, the more likely they are to score higher points throughout the game.

As a result of its popularity, it has been ported to multiple sources both digital and on the dining room table. Many apps and online versions of the game are available for those literarily inclined, to quench their anagram thirst. Yet with any new creation on any medium leads to the creation of new problems and solutions.

These often pit you against other players, winning for gems or points, yet this lack of social face-to-face gameplay means that different technological magic can occur. An AI has been created to easily suss out the longest word possible.

But If you personally are struggling with a certain 9 letter game-changer you may need a scrabble go word finder. These easily accessed tools allow, in those moments of blanks, or brief confusion, for a game-changer out of the word-less abyss.


The Vast Language

There are 171,476 words in the English language, and the average adult only uses and knows 20,000-35,000 of them, leaving a discrepancy of at least 136,476 words. This is where this fabulous AI comes in.

The usage of online dictionaries can often help humans in the game have an edge over opponents, but the weakness of human nature is the inability to process dozens of words at once. Using AI and programming it with the ability to comb through the internet’s best libraries with the computing time of less than a second makes for a challenging opponent in the world of word games.

In an almost bitter-sweet way, the speed at which the bot calculates the best words to place on the board is almost instantaneous, so no pesky waiting times between turns, but when the bot manages to play two, nine letters in a row, you might be scrambling to turn off the app or website.


The Endless Battle

It’s not that many haven’ tried, there is somewhat of a Will Smith in AI curiosity, the inherent need to beat the timer almost, a digital being that cares not for winning, even though the chances of them doing exactly that is high to certain. The issue with trying to beat it is just the pure speed, the time it takes to look up a word in a dictionary is quintuple the time it takes to look up all the words. That isn’t to say that people can’t use their raw brainpower in an attempt to beat the machine using their pure intellectual might, but as was stated earlier there is such a discrepancy in how many words an average human knows that it is almost impossible to even challenge such a mechanical wizard unless you have a genius-level intellect that knows the number of words that the AI will strive to look up.

To its credit, it can be a very good learner tool such as the same technology is to Poker, analyzing the chances a certain hand will be played, and seeing what words can be made out of a single muddle of letters can help those trying to analyze the field in-game. It can often be difficult for a person to see one or two combinations for their letters in a game but when they see an AI do it, the resulting word might trigger something within the player for the next turn.

Last modified: 12/02/2021



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