Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. It allows  you to take funny pictures, keep friends up to date on your life and also save and view important memories.  Snapchat has a lot of incredibly useful features and you should really make the most out of all that it has to offer.



Snapchat began the use of bitmojis a couple of years ago and they are a really fun feature. It allows you to make a miniature version of yourself, embodying elements of yourself like what you wear and your characteristics. Because of Bitmoji’s wide variety of feature options, you can make a pretty close version of yourself. This is great for those of you that don’t like taking pictures of yourself as you can set it as your avatar.



Not many people know this, but Snapchat is linked up with the Shazam app. When you’re in camera mode on the Snapchat app and a song is playing, you can hold down your screen and your phone will tell you which song it is. This is useful if you have forgotten the name of a song you really used to like or if you’re taking part in a pub quiz and really want to win. It’s just a really cool feature that not many people use so make sure you play with it and see for yourself.



Group chats are fantastic for not having to message each person individually. It’s also great if you want to call multiple people at once, due to Snapchat’s group chat calls feature. When you have access to all of these funny filters, it’s nice to be laughing together as a group and means nobody gets excluded from from any funny stories.




A newer feature that people have really been enjoying is the new games. There are a number of fun games you can play with your friends, from Snake Squad to Bitmoji Party. These are actually really fun games and are a good way to pass a little time while also competing against your friends. It’s a good way to start little spats and form alliances within your group, it also gives that unused Snapchat group chat a little purpose.


The filters

The filters are probably the most famous feature on Snapchat and what skyrocketed it to the popularity it has today. These are a fun way to alter your appearance or make yourself appear more attractive. Some filters even become games that you can share with your friends, which is another fun way to connect with people that you’re not with.


Little tricks

To make the most out of Snapchat you should take a look at all of its little tricks that may go unnoticed. One of these tricks is being able to know if you’re blocked on snapchat. The way to do this all you need to do is check your friends list and if their name isn’t there, you’ll know that they’ve blocked you. You can also know if someone has declined your friend request if their Snapchat stories appear in your subscription section, but this will only happen if their Snapchat isn’t private.


Snap maps

Snap maps is one of their newer features and allows you to see where  in the world your friends are. This map literally shows which exact building they are in so you can always keep an eye on your loved ones. One of the most interesting parts of the map is the stories. These are stories from people in different areas all over the map and gives  you the opportunity to see what is going on around the world. Snapchat is on the forefront of connectivity around the world and the ability to use maps only makes us closer.


My eyes only

Snapchat is one of the only social media platforms that allows you to add extra security to your pictures. My eyes only is perfect for keeping private images hidden because to access these pictures you have to put in a code. This is perfect if you have any embarrassing images that you don’t want to keep open on your phone.

Last modified: 11/03/2021



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