The pest control industry is home to some pretty revolutionary tech innovations, in order to deliver high-quality service and effectively remove any pests some companies rely upon tech solutions for optimum pest control. There is varied opinion amongst the pest control industry, around what tech innovations are the most useful and which are more of a gimmick, it is important the tech used within professional pest control works effectively so the company is able to deliver a high-quality service. Below are four examples of pest control tech that are most used within the industry.


Automatic Repellent Dispersal

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor pest control, the automatic repellent dispersal devices are designed to ensure any pests you have dealt with do not return. Prevention is key when it comes to effective pest control and in order to do this, some form of repellent must be regularly put down. The automatic unit allows you to set timers for when you want the spraying to commence, this is perfect for people who spend a significant amount of the day out of their homes, but still, require protection from pests. This widely used piece of pest control tech provides peace of mind that any pests are unlikely to return, and is a truly innovative piece of pest control from positivepest.


Electric Box Traps

The electric box trap is designed for the humane removal of small pests such as rats and mice, with a built-in motion sensor the trap knows when something is inside it, making capture quick and easy without harming the pest. If you are someone who dislikes the extermination of pests but also doesn’t want them in your home the use of an electric box trap provides a humane solution for the pests easy removal. As this piece of tech doesn’t require observation, you can set this device up in your home and allow it to do its job by automatically trapping any pests, even when you’re not there.


Electric Fences

Something a little more drastic within the pest control industry is the use of electric fences, for the more serious infestations it can be hard to prevent the pests from returning to your premises. If this is the case you may wish to take further action in order to protect your home through the form of electric fences. Although they do sound daunting, electric fences come in a variety of levels with smaller fences that don’t harm the animals, and instead just give them a little shock to send them on their way. I would recommend doing extensive research into ensuring the fences you buy are able to be put into your premises in a way that is legal and isn’t going to do serious harm to the animals.


Sonic Emitter

Another piece of tech that would do great in both an indoor and outdoor setting would have to be the sonic emitter, used as a means to deter pests away from the area, this device emits soundwaves that can only be heard by animals due to their more sensitive hearing. As this pest control device only affects animals, it is a great humane solution towards the removal of pests.

Last modified: 08/09/2020



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