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2015 Engineer's Week Reservation Form

Reservations and advance payment are required for the dinner. You may complete this form and make your payment via PayPal (PayPal will accept a check or credit card) or you may complete the Mail Reservation Form and mail a check. If you use PayPal, please use the same e-mail address in the reservation form as you use at PayPal so we can keep the reservations and payments straight.

Step 1: Complete Reservation form

Number Attending:

Note: Vegetarian meals will not be available at the buffet but will be held for those who have reserved them.

Step 2: Pay Now With PayPal

PayPal will accept a credit card or check as well as a PayPal account. Payments will be made to Mountain View Product Marketing, Inc. who will forward the payment to the IEEE Central Virginia Section. Please enter theTotal Cost above in the PayPal form.

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